Indian court grants bail to Disha Ravi, activist arrested over farmer protests


An Indian court on Tuesday granted bail to a climate activist accused of sedition after distributing a document intended to help protesting farmers organize.

The case of activist Disha Ravi, 21, is the latest test of the independence of Indian justice in a turn to nationalism under Prime Minister Narendra Modi, whose agricultural policy is at the heart of a protest by several months of the country’s farmers.

Ms Ravi was arrested at her home in the southern city of Bangalore on February 13. She was later accused of distributing an online instruction manual called a “toolkit” in the form of a Google document containing talking points and contact details for influential groups. Authorities say this led to violence during a protest in Delhi last month.

His arrest sparked outrage from former police officers, retired officials and public intellectuals, who accused Mr. Modi’s government of using the country’s law enforcement to target political opponents.


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