Buckingham Palace reveals cause of Prince Philip’s hospitalization


Buckingham Palace revealed the cause of Prince Philip’s hospitalization on Tuesday, a week after the 99-year-old royal was admitted to hospital.

“The Duke of Edinburgh remains in King Edward VII Hospital where he is receiving medical treatment for an infection,” the palace said in a statement shared with HuffPost. “He is comfortable and responding to treatment, but he shouldn’t leave the hospital for several days.”

Sources close to the palace had previously confirmed that the Duke’s illness was unrelated to COVID-19. Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth received their first COVID-19 vaccination in January.

ADRIAN DENNIS via Getty Images

The Duke of Edinburgh listens to the bugles during the Colonel-in-Chief’s transfer of the guns at Windsor Castle to Windsor on July 22, 2020.

Prince Edward told Sky News on Tuesday that his father was doing “a lot better.”

“He can’t wait to get out which is the most positive thing so we’re keeping our fingers crossed,” the Earl of Wessex said.
When asked if his father was frustrated in the hospital, Edward laughed and said “just a little”.
“I think it touches us all, and then you can only look at the clock a limited number of times and the walls are so interesting,” he said.
“We have received brilliant and charming messages from all kinds of people, and we really appreciate that and him too,” added the former. “I passed them on. It’s fantastic, thank you.
Prince William also provided an update on his grandfather on Monday during a visit to a coronavirus vaccination center.
“Yes, he’s fine, they’re keeping an eye on him,” William said with a wink.


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