Zack Snyder’s DC 5-movie plan made Henry Cavill Superman classic


Zack Snyder’s DCEU plan of five films reportedly saw Henry Cavill Superman transforms into the classic Superman seen in the comics. As Snyder prepares to take his cut out of Justice League this year the main focus is on his projects for the DCEU. Once believed to be the architect of the next big cinematic universe, Snyder’s plans for the DCEU were put on hold after his departure from Justice League and poor reception of the DCEU as is.

Snyder says he currently has no plans to continue in the DCEU following his cut from Justice League releases on HBO Max in March, but that hasn’t stopped curious fans from wondering what could have been. RestoreTheSnyderVerse has started to tend to encourage the studio to see through Snyder’s original plans, but that seems less and less likely. DC studio executives see the Snyder Cut as a narrative dead end, indicating that their ideas for the future lie elsewhere.

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Still, Snyder has constantly teased what would have happened in his plans for the DCEU. This included a five-movie arc, heavily focused on Cavill’s Superman, which debuted in 2013. Steel man. This five-movie arc, Snyder revealed in an interview with Comic book debate, reportedly saw Superman become the classic hero as seen in the comics, after his journey to darker territory in Steel man and the original Justice League. Snyder says that in this arc the black suit that Cavill wears Justice League is a marker of progress and that ultimately Superman’s full potential would have been realized.

At the end of the day, the whole idea is that, or what I had planned, is that, you know, Superman’s kind of final leg is his real comeback or his real kind of entry into the classic Superman. We don’t really understand it [Justice League].

There’s never been a clear answer as to why Snyder couldn’t continue his Superman arc after Steel man. What is clear, however, is that the DCEU has long been in disarray – in spurts, the studio has tried to create a cohesive cinematic universe, but several films set on different timelines have prevented a great story from unfolding. to take shape. The critical reception of various films certainly did not help – most DCEU films received less than positive reviews.

However, it seems that this future is finally starting to take shape. Walter Hamada, president of DC Films since 2018, seems to have a clear plan in mind for the future. The studio wants to release up to six films per year, including two directly on HBO Max. Hamada also said there will be two different Batman stories ahead, one in the current timeline and one in his (2022’s Robert Pattinson directed The batman). The future still seems precarious and many wonder if to come The flash, with its time-traveling multiverse plot, could lead to a major DCEU timeline reset. One thing is clear, however: Snyder’s vision for Superman won’t come to pass, an unfortunate victim of the confusion behind the scenes at DC studios.

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Source: Comics Debate

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