YouTube suspends Trump’s channel for at least seven days


YouTube’s seven-day suspension was an “important and necessary first step” that should become permanent, said Jim Steyer, chief executive of Common Sense Media, a nonprofit news media watchdog. “While it’s disappointing that it took a Trump-instigated attack on our Capitol to get here, it looks like all major platforms are finally starting to strengthen,” he said.

During his presidency, Mr. Trump used YouTube differently than Twitter or Facebook. His YouTube channel is filled mostly with clips of speeches and rallies, as well as videos of supporters defending him on Fox News. The videos lack the punch of his minute-by-minute comments on Twitter and Facebook.

YouTube’s suspension comes after months of company trampling. In the weeks following the November 3 election, Mr. Trump’s channel was filled with videos showing him and his supporters disputing the outcome. YouTube refused to act on the videos even as critics urged it to do so, saying questioning the election results was not a violation of its policies.

Last month, after most states certified their election results, YouTube said it would start removing videos falsely indicating there had been widespread voting fraud or errors. But the company said it would not penalize channels for posting such content with suspensions until Jan.21, after opening day. YouTube said it removed thousands of videos spreading false information about the 2020 election.

He removed several videos from Mr. Trump’s channel last week, including the one where he congratulated the rioters and urged them to leave the Capitol. The company, cited the spread of election disinformation.

A day later, YouTube removed the grace period and said it would start issuing “warnings” against channels for violating voter fraud rules. Channels that receive a warning cannot upload new videos for a week. After three strikes, a chain can be permanently banned from YouTube.


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