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    Si jamais vous souhaitez acheter quelque chose à Elon Musk, vous avez maintenant une autre option de paiement, car l'homme le plus riche du monde a signalé qu'il aimerait être payé en bitcoin dans un autre coup de pouce à la crypto-monnaie en plein essor.

</p><div><p>Répondant à un tweet de Ben Mezrich, l'auteur du film `` The Social Network '', le fondateur de Tesla et SpaceX a déclaré qu'il était désormais d'accord pour accepter le paiement en bitcoin.

“I’ll tell you one thing, I never refuse to be paid in bitcoin again,” Mezrich wrote, prompting Musk to respond: ” Me neither. “

The melancholy tone of the posts suggests that the writer and billionaire may have regrets about their past approaches to cryptocurrency.

Musk, who rose to the top of the world’s richest lists thanks to the surge in Tesla’s share price, regularly discusses cryptocurrencies on Twitter, sometimes mocking the phenomenon. He previously described the structure of Bitcoin as “Brilliant. “

In December, one of his tweets sparked rampant speculation that Tesla was converting billions of dollars from its balance sheet into bitcoin.

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A week later, he tweeted that a future economy on Mars could be cryptocurrency-based. The words were remarkable as SpaceX plans to send a manned mission to the Red Planet in the near future.

The maverick mogul’s comments come as the price of bitcoin has hit all-time highs over the past month, breaking through the $ 40,000 mark.

The value of the combined cryptocurrency market has now reached over $ 1 trillion, with institutional investors using it as a potential hedge against inflation.

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