Will I receive a vaccination letter like the flu?


Question from Reader: We are over 80 years old and normally receive a mail-in invitation for the flu shot. Will we have the same invitation for the Covid jab?
Short answer: no, unless your doctor contacts you directly.

During the flu season in France, vulnerable people – those over 65 or with underlying health problems – receive a voucher by mail from the National Health Insurance Fund that they can take to a doctor. or a pharmacy to get vaccinated.

Flu shot season in France: a guide to getting vaccinated

This will not be the case for the Covid-19 vaccination.

Your GP may contact you about the vaccination, but if not, you must register for the vaccine yourself.

From Thursday, January 14, people aged 75 and over will be able to make an appointment for Covid vaccinations online and by phone.

This can be done either via the government portal sante.fr, or via the Doctolib, Maiia and KelDoc reservation platforms.

Telephone numbers for making reservations directly with vaccination centers will also be made available on online platforms on January 14.

Learn more about making an appointment online here: Online vaccine reservations are open this week

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