When Alex Trebek and Tie Domi “Ditch the Gloves” and Other Iconic Hockey Moments in Toronto


Enforcers for $ 200, Alex

Deeply regretted host Alex Trebek of “Jeopardy!” Playfully “ditch the gloves” with Toronto Maple Leafs chief Tie Domi in this November 2003 image taken by Richard Lautens. “Come on,” Trebek Domi quipped in a promo for the game show. “You want a piece of this, eh ?!”

Neither GOAT champion Ken Jennings nor his opponents could guess the 13-letter word of $ 1,000 in the Hockey category after watching a video clue featuring Trebek on the ice. “You were so blown away by my ability to wield the stick,” Trebek said with a laugh, “you couldn’t find the word!

According to the official Jeopardy! Twitter account, Trebek liked the jersey in this photo so much that he refused to give it up for the Jeopardy! Hall of fame.

A photo worth a … million … dollars

Mike Myers, from Scarborough, named characters in his films after famous former Leafs players – and, in “The Love Guru” (2008), the Leafs won the Stanley Cup. (Believe!) In 2016, when Auston Matthews made his NHL debut with four goals, Myers told hockey reporter Christine Simpson he was moved to tears, “They’ve wreaked havoc on parents, and I said to myself: ‘He’s 19, he’s just started his career. Fantastic.’ “

The star’s Moira Welsh broke Myers in a May 1993 game, and this photo accompanied a 1997 story that detailed how Myers would source Leafs merchandise at the Yorkville Sports Mint. In an act of appreciation, the store sent Myers a free jersey. Myers came the next day to thank them and pay for the jersey himself.

The good old hockey game

Hockey in Canada truly belongs to the children who play it. This January 1982 shinny match between brother and sister – captured by Colin McConnell – took place on frozen Lake Ontario. The horizon was more modest then, but the dreams of hockey stardom burned just as bright.


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