What is being said nationwide about Jim Harbaugh’s signing of Michigan extension


A national champion will be crowned Monday, but all eyes in the college football world were not on the upcoming game between Alabama and Ohio State on Friday.

Michigan and Jim Harbaugh made national news when the head coach signed a new five-year deal that will run into the 2025 season.

Under the new contract, Harbaugh, who earned just over $ 8 million in 2020, is seeing a significant cut to his base salary. He will receive a base salary of $ 4 million in 2021, which will increase to $ 4.426 million in 2025.

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Harbaugh has now gone from being the Big Ten’s highest-paid head coach to eighth, according to a 2020 USA Today survey of college football coaching salaries.

But the new deal also comes with incentives, including $ 1 million each for winning the Big Ten championship game and college football playoffs. In addition, Harbaugh is entitled to a bonus of $ 500,000 if Michigan wins the Big Ten East division and a bonus of $ 500,000 if it reaches the CFP semi-finals.

The news sparked mixed reactions across the country. Here are some notable headlines and reactions about Harbaugh staying in Ann Arbor.

David Pollock, Analyst at ESPN College GameDay, on College Football Live: “They did it to keep the recruiting together, to keep it together,” Pollack said. “This is a contract that will not be subject to a major buyout, which means that if they want to leave Jim Harbaugh in the near future, they can do so. Harbaugh, this has been interesting. Because recruiting has been so much with him in his tenure. It all started so well. Then it looked so bad last year. Something has to change with this Harbaugh diet. Obviously, returning his DC … made some changes.

“That doesn’t mean Harbaugh will be the coach for the next five years. This means they are locking it up for recruiting purposes and we’ll see how that goes next year.

Michael Wilbon, ESPN analyst on Forgive the interruption: “For people who are shocked that Harbaugh wants to come back, why isn’t he looking for a job in the NFL? First, there may not be as many NFL teams creating a market for him as he would like. But most importantly, Harbaugh wants it to happen. This is his alma mater. He wants to win in Michigan. He wants to beat Ohio State University and he wants to make these playoffs. That’s really why Jim Harbuagh came there. It’s not like a plum job and it would be a little bad if he had to leave it. No, it was elite work for him. It gives him that chance. Let me just say this, having Big Ten sources and people I’m close to and some who have been to Michigan, not all of them will be happy to start with. The only thing that will make him happy is if he does both of these things.

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