‘WandaVision’ episodes won’t be just 30 minutes long, says Marvel Boss


It’s almost time to turn on the WandaVision, with the first live-action Marvel series from Disney + airing this Friday, January 15. And when she arrives she will arrive do not be all nine episodes at once, but instead a Mandalorien– as a weekly deployment.

“We had discussions on [dropping the season all at once]Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige told TVLine, “but everyone at Disney + had decided – and we were totally in agreement with – the notion of week-to-week fun.” ”

To be exact, WandaVision (which stars MCU veterans Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany as Wanda Maximoff and Vision) will launch with its debut of them episodes, before switching to a once-a-week program.

« The Mandalorian has certainly proven that – there’s something fun about following, trying to guess what happens next, having a week to speculate or review and build that anticipation, ”Feige notes. “Part of the fun for me of movies is the anticipation that leads to them, so it’s fun to have a ‘mini-version’ of that every week. And we’ve built the stories with that in mind, on all of our shows. ”

“That said, I think it will be another experience – an equally fun experience – to nibble on them once they’re all available,” Feige adds.

Other Disney + Live-Action Marvel series in the pipeline include (but are by no way limited to) Falcon and the Winter Soldier (premieres March 19) and Loki (which is in pencil for May).

Feige also cleared the air for us on WandaVision the length of the episodes, given that the first three episodes screened by the press on Friday all hovered around half an hour, which frankly makes sense given the way the lives of the titular characters are presented via incredibly faithful tributes to the sitcoms from the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s.

Once the series begins to break away from this creative construct, as the end of Episode 3 most strongly suggests, air times “start to vary more, yes,” Feige tells TVLine.

“This is one of the fun things about streaming – and even the shows that I watch, as a fan: you don’t have the rules of network TV and selling ad time, where it must start now and end now. [Episodes] can grow or move or shrink or expand to fit the story you’re telling. Even in these first three the durations are somewhat different, and that will continue throughout the series. (With the report by Rebecca Iannucci)

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