[VIDEO] ‘The Equalizer’ Season 1 Trailer – Queen Latifah


CBS released the first footage of its reboot of the Queen Latifah-directed crime drama Equalizer.
Premiere after the network broadcast on February 7 of Super Bowl LV, Equalizer stars Latifah as “an enigmatic figure who uses her extensive skills to help those with nowhere to go.” ” Château Executive producers Andrew Marlowe and Terri Miller wrote the pilot, with original series co-creator Richard Lindheim on board as the EP.

Chris Noth (Law and order), Conservative kittens (Colony), Lorraine Toussaint (In the badlands), Liza Lapira (COM)Don’t trust the B – in apartment 23) et Adam Goldberg (Le spectacle Jim Gaffigan) co-star. Watch the teaser below:

Ready for more topical nuggets? Good….

* Cynthia Erivo celebrated her birthday on January 8 by revealing the key art of National Geographic Genie: Aretha (pictured right), in which she plays the legendary soul queen, Aretha Franklin. The third season of the Emmy-winning anthology series premieres in March.

* AMC Kevin Can F *** himself – who looks at the world through the eyes of the typical sitcom woman (Ruisseau Schitt‘s Annie Murphy) – a jeté Meghan Leathers (For all mankind) et Candice Coke (Proven innocent) in recurring roles. According to our sister site Deadline, Leathers will play Jenn, the tense wife of upscale restaurant owner Sam (Raymond Lee), while Coke has been cast as Tammy, a local sleuth.

* Nickelodeon has set a Season 2 premiere date – Friday, February 12 at 8 / 7c – and released a trailer for Are you afraid of the dark ?: Curse of Shadows, which follows a brand new group of Midnight Society kids who learn of the terrible curse cast on their small seaside town and are haunted by a mysterious creature known as the Shadowman. Watch it below:

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