TWST: Cancellation of the spin-off series of “Green Arrow and the Canaries”


This time last year, fans were saying goodbye to The arrow, DC’s long-running flagship series on The CW. But many of us were excited about Green Arrow and the Canaries, a planned spin-off that debuted as a backdoor pilot episode in The arrowthe last season.

But unfortunately, The CW has decided not to resume the series. “They are in the midst of a debate to see what we can do,” said CW president Mark Pedowitz, as the series could find a second life on HBO Max. “I’ve had a lot of discussions with Warner Bros, we have a strategy in play – hopefully we can get there.” Still, that seems unlikely as the distribution contract options expired last year and have yet to be renewed.

Green Arrow and the Canaries was a spin-off series focused on women in 2040, which follows Oliver Queen’s daughter Mia Queen / Green Arrow (Katherine McNamara) as she teams up with Canaries Laurel Lance (Katie Cassidy) and Dinah Drake (Juliana Harkavy ). McNamara tweeted the news, saying she was heartbroken over the cancellation and thanked fans for their support.

With Super Girl is entering its last season and Canaris cancellation, the women’s DC series are taking a hit. But with new series like Wonder Girl on the horizon, there is still hope that the future of the CW superheroine slates. And of course, there’s always HBO Max.

(via Deadline, image: Katie Yu / la CW)

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