‘Trump was raging because the white trash crowd made him look bad,’ says White House insider


As scenes of carnage unfolded on television in his private dining room next to the Oval Office, President Trump was raging.

Surrounded by a handful of staunch consiglieres, he watched rioters storm the U.S. Capitol – startling images that shocked the world and signaled the brutal end of his four-year presidency.

Yet it wasn’t the chaos and violence that made Trump roar in fury – not the corpses, including a Capitol Hill cop who died of massive brain bleeding after being hit in the head with a fire extinguisher.

Far from there. As a White House source told the Mail last Sunday, Trump was “apoplectic” in embarrassment because the on-screen “white trash” crowd made him look bad.

“He was angry, not against the horrible crimes they were committing, but because he felt embarrassed,” the source said. “When they first stormed the Capitol, he enjoyed it.” They were “his people.”

US President Donald Trump was raging in the White House during the siege of the capital building – but not because of the scenes of destruction or the corpses. He was upset because his supporters “made him look bad”

“But when he saw pictures of the half-naked guy in the fur hat, he started complaining that they looked ‘cheap and poor.’

“Even at one of the worst times in American history, he was thinking about his image. He did not understand the scale of the disaster.

Ten days from the end of his presidency, The Mail on Sunday can today reveal what the aide described as “the last hours of a deranged president in his bunker”.

Fueled by endless burgers and cans of Coca-Cola, Trump ignored calls from his closest political advisers, including Vice President Mike Pence, who begged him to make a televised address and call the crowd.

‘He was shouting,’ Why should I? These people are my supporters ”.”

In desperation, aides searched for First Lady Melania Trump, one of the few people whose advice the president still heeds.

Yet, almost unbelievably, she was in the east wing of the White House, overseeing a photoshoot for a new coffee table book on Presidential Artifacts.

“The heart of the US government was under siege, our very democracy at stake, but Ms. Trump was calmly arranging porcelain figurines for the photographer,” the source continued, saying even Trump’s most loyal staff remained “stunned” by his actions. .

As the mob attacked the Capitol building, Trump was asked to call them back, but his aide said he replied, 'Why should I?  These people are my supporters

As the mob attacked the Capitol building, Trump was asked to call them back, but his aide replied, “Why should I? These people are my supporters

The president said his supporters, such as the man in the fur hat, looked

The president said his supporters, such as the man in the fur hat, looked “cheap and poor.”

Indeed, the First Lady’s closest advisor, her chief of staff Stephanie Grisham, tendered her resignation later today.

Melania was even asked to intercede, to force her husband to publicly denounce the insurgency, but she refused.

“She didn’t say anything. She remained silent and continued to arrange a vase for the shoot. She left that presidency and her marriage a long time ago.

Since the loss of the Nov. 3 election – a loss he still refuses to accept even though he has now vowed to oversee a peaceful handover to President Joe Biden on Jan. 20 – Trump has become “increasingly disturbed. and detached from reality ”, according to the former adviser. .

Wednesday’s riot on Capitol Hill came shortly after Trump gave a speech that stoked an already fiery crowd and marked how deep the president has descended into what Aid has called “his own personal hell. “.

“He’s delusional. The group around him who remains are sycophants who tell him what he wants to hear. He truly believes that the election was stolen from him even though there is not the slightest evidence in this regard.

“It’s like the president lives in a parallel universe. Everyone knows he lost, that there was no electoral fraud, but in his mind, the White House was stolen from him and the rioters this week are loyal patriots defending him against those who are trying to rob him of the presidency.

As the events of Wednesday unfolded, Trump’s inner circle shrank further.

In the end, only his Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, Deputy Chief of Staff Dan Scavino, Chief of Staff Johnny McEntee, lawyer Rudy Giuliani and political adviser Stephen Miller remained in the room.

First Lady Melania Trump was asked to intercede and convince her husband to call the crowd, but she continued with her photoshoot by arranging porcelain figurines.

First Lady Melania Trump was asked to intercede and convince her husband to call the crowd, but she continued with her photoshoot by organizing porcelain figurines.

Supermodel Karlie Kloss (pictured), Ivanka Trump's sister-in-law, has turned on her in-laws, calling them 'anti-American'

Supermodel Karlie Kloss (pictured), Ivanka Trump’s sister-in-law, turned on her in-laws calling them ‘anti-American’

“Everyone who begged him to publicly denounce what was happening was gone.” Melania would do nothing.

“In the end, we had to beg Ivanka to go. Everyone left the room as she spoke to her father.

“First daughter” Ivanka finally persuaded Trump to record a brief video, posted to her Twitter feed – an account that has since been permanently suspended.

Trump repeated his accusations of electoral fraud but told his supporters to “stay calm and go home” adding, “We love you.”

“It was too little, too late,” the source commented. “By then the damage to America in the eyes of the world was done.

“There was a sense of utter hopelessness among those who have dedicated their lives over the past four years to trying to do good under this presidency.

“In a matter of hours, Wednesday afternoon, everything we worked for was ransacked.

It’s not just Trump whose reputation is in tatters this weekend. Ivanka and her husband Jared Kushner have become “social outcasts”. A former friend told Vanity Fair magazine, “How do you associate with the worst, most toxic people in history? Ivanka called the crowd “American patriots” in a Wednesday insurgency tweet, a post she quickly deleted.

Supermodel Karlie Kloss, married to Jared’s brother Joshua, has turned against her in-laws calling them “anti-American.”

When a Twitter follower asked Kloss to try to reason with her family members, she simply replied, “I tried. Bob Sommer, a longtime friend of Kushner, sent Ivanka a message saying, “I am horrified that I attended your wedding. “

Ivanka’s former friend added, “Ivanka and the whole family will be socially ostracized.

“Before this week, people were always associated with them because of their power and influence, but now everyone has joined the resistance.

Moving vans were seen outside Ivanka’s home in Washington DC on Friday. She is believed to be moving her family to their New York home.

So what now for Trump?

He is said to be planning to flee to his lavish estate in Mar-a-Lago, Florida the day before the inauguration, from where he will run a bid for re-election in 2024.

Supporters have already pledged more than $ 200 million to send him back to the White House. It is if he does not end up in prison first. The aide explained, “Even if he forgives himself, that only covers him for federal crimes. As soon as he leaves office, the State of New York pursues him for tax evasion.

And he could face prosecution in state court in Washington DC for inciting mob violence. His legal woes are only just beginning.

And Melania? It was widely reported that she had negotiated a post-nuptial agreement agreeing to stay with Trump, but only during her presidency.

Many believe she will file for divorce after January 20.

With impeachment proceedings against him set to begin tomorrow, Trump intends to spend the coming week “trying to reclaim his legacy and his image.”

The Mail on Sunday learned he was making a video this weekend highlighting his administration’s accomplishments and he planned to travel to Texas next week to deliver a speech at a stretch of border wall with Mexico that has was built under his direction.

“At this point he’s stepped out of reality,” the source said.

“He now doubts that he should have said he would accept a peaceful transition of power because it angered his base which feels betrayed.

“He is now worried about how history will judge him and wants to start rehabilitating his image while he still has the power of the presidency.

“You have to remember that over 70 million Americans voted for him. He still has a huge fan base.

“Of all the problems Joe Biden faces, domestic terrorism ranks first. The people are crazy as hell and they have guns. America’s troubles are far from over once Trump steps down.

“In fact, they’re just getting started.


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