Trump to visit US-Mexico border to greet border wall


WASHINGTON – U.S. President Donald Trump is expected to visit the U.S.-Mexico border on Tuesday to highlight his administration’s work on the border wall, the White House said on Saturday.
Trump will visit the town of Alamo, Texas. It will mark the completion of 400 miles of border wall and his administration’s efforts to reform what the White House has described as the country’s broken immigration system.

Trump’s campaign for the presidency in 2016 largely focused on the president’s desire to build a border wall. He also promised that Mexico would pay for the wall, but he was paid for by US taxpayers.

While most of the wall was erected in areas that had smaller barriers, the government built hundreds of miles of fences as high as 9 meters in a short period of time – most this year.

The administration prioritized areas where the wall could be built more quickly, and teams destroyed hills and bulldozed sensitive habitat at national wildlife refuges and on Native American lands to do so.

The visit will likely be the president’s first public appearance since speaking to supporters on Wednesday, sparking unrest from a crowd who then staged a violent siege on the U.S. Capitol. He wishes to recognize the achievements at the end of his presidency.

Meanwhile, House Democrats are pushing for an impeachment vote next week and plan to formally present their proposal on Monday with a possible vote by Wednesday.


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