Today’s horoscope, January 9, 2021


Your horoscope for today, January 9, 2021, is here with an astrological prediction for all zodiac signs starting this Saturday.
The pot is stirred on Saturday as the busy Sagittarius energy activates the brutally honest side of the Moon.

The Moon enters Sagittarius after opening her eyes to reveal secrets.

Some were personal and some were political.

Now, the Moon in Sagittarius encourages bold discussions about what this means in our lives collectively.

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The Moon in Sagittarius will speak with Mercury first to help ignite our vision of change and the future.

Mercury is at a critical level in Aquarius, so there may be difficulty establishing a clear vision for everyone involved.

Then the Moon will ask to restructure and do pioneering work with Saturn and the lucky Jupiter who are also in Aquarius.

This involves both spiritual and political challenges.

If you were birthday, today is:

If January 9 is your birthday, then you are a Capricorn zodiac sign.


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