They will be determined to run the ball more than ever


Mate from Miskolc, Hungary

Hi Insiders! In one of your answers last week, you mentioned that you see Russell Wilson as a potential Hall of Famer. Are you sure it really is HOF caliber? As has been mentioned a number of times this season he doesn’t even have an MVP vote, let alone an MVP, his only SB victory came from the Legion of Boom and he has been above average in the more in his playoff appearances. Over the past four years, even the Jaguars have had more playoff wins than Russ. What makes you think he should be in the HOF?

I’m not saying he’s a slam-dunk HOFer, but I think he deserves it and will come in. He’s carried this team to the playoffs in recent years with an ever-changing (and sometimes inferior) staff around him. Those playoff results haven’t been great lately, but he’s still 9-7 in the playoffs for his career. I don’t like the MVP voting argument. Voters can only vote for one person per year. It is not a hierarchical ballot like in MLB. If that’s the norm, that would disqualify a number of QBs already in Canton.

Daniel from Horsholm, Denmark

Bakhtiari has been an All-Pro five times. If he retired after this season, is he in the Hall of Fame? If not, what more should he do?

The HOF selection committee leans more strictly on first-team selections, and Bakhtiari now has two in eight years. Tony Boselli had three of seven and is once again a finalist in the HOF, at the limit. If Bakhtiari returns to his All-Pro level after his injury, it could lock it in for him.

I know all of our thoughts on adding another playoff team. I know it wasn’t necessary. But after watching “Super Wildcard Weekend” I’m hooked. Three matches are better than two. Six games are better than four!

I never said I wouldn’t like to watch the games. It was a fun and relaxing way to spend the weekend. I’m glad that seventh place kept an 11-winning AFC side from being pulled out, but it also allowed an eight-game NFC side that clearly didn’t belong. There will be pros and cons every year.

How wild was it for the Packers to have three defensive touchdowns in four games during their Super Bowl run in 2010? I can’t remember many playoff defensive touchdowns over the last few years, so I thought three games in four for a playoff must be pretty rare.

This is not the norm. As I recall, the Packers have only had one since then, Shields in San Francisco in the ’12 Division to open the game. The Rams and Browns certainly did theirs this weekend. Both were tone adjusters.

Nathan from Philadelphia, PA

Why are Sunday division games scheduled two hours later than normal (2:05 am and 5:40 am center)? The conference championships are always scheduled at these times in case either game is on the West Coast, but this year there could have been at most one division game in the Where is. Is it more of a scoring decision to let the latest game run in prime time?

Ding ding ding. I thought for sure that when the Bears lost, the Packers-Rams would have the Saturday night spot, but in terms of work, I’m not complaining about a kickoff earlier.

I don’t know how it’s different, but I look at a game differently when I encourage a team to lose instead of a team to win. You know what I mean?

I don’t know why, but it made me laugh.

Rick de Trempealeau, WI

You do a fabulous job of keeping things fresh. So my question: Obviously you can’t pick who you play, but going 13-3 is it more important that the Packers only beat two teams with a winning record (NO, TN) OR that they only lost against one team with a losing record (MN)?

It is very important that they end the regular season playing their best football on both sides of the ball.

A 13-3 record doesn’t matter. Individual rewards don’t matter. Season totals in passer scores, sack totals and rushing yards do not matter. Everything that matters? Go 3-0 over the next three games.

You don’t listen to LaFleur much, do you? All that matters is going 1-0 on Saturday. Happy monday.


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