“The update does not affect the privacy of messages with friends or family”


New Delhi: Amid reports of WhatsApp users alleging that their private messages with family and friends were leaking on search engines, the Facebook-owned messaging service released another clarification.

WhatsApp said the change to its recently revised policy “does not affect the privacy of messages with friends or family.”

This is the second clarification issued by the cross-platform messaging and VoIP service provider. He previously said the update would only affect business accounts.


“We want to respond to some rumors and be 100% clear, we continue to protect your private messages with end-to-end encryption. Our updated privacy policy does not affect the privacy of your messages with friends or family, ”WhatsApp said on Twitter.

He also shared a list of “NOT shared with Facebook” information.

  • WhatsApp cannot see your private messages or hear your calls, and neither can Facebook.
  • WhatsApp keeps logs of who everyone is messaging or calling.
  • WhatsApp can’t see your shared location and neither can Facebook.
  • WhatsApp does not share your contacts with Facebook.
  • WhatsApp groups remain private.
  • You can configure your messages to disappear.
  • You can download your data.

WhatsApp had recently revamped its privacy policy which stated that the app would share data with Facebook, adding that if the new terms of service were not accepted it would result in the deletion of the user’s account.


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