The remains of a man were found and delivered by Canada Post


VANCOUVER – Missing package containing the cremated remains of an Alberta man has finally been found and delivered to his family in British Columbia
Courtney Baker said the ashes of her brother Darrell, who died in November at the age of 36, were delivered to their mother in Maple Ridge on Monday, much to the relief of the family.

“She said the package was in perfect condition, nothing is broken, her remains weren’t spilled anywhere,” she told CTV News. “Yet Canada Post has no explanation for the location of the package – it still doesn’t know. ”

A spokesperson for Canada Post said the package was located “following an intensive search” and the circumstances were being investigated.

The ashes were hand delivered by a Canada Post manager who issued a personal apology, the spokesperson said.

Darrell’s sudden death last year stunned his family, who are still awaiting autopsy results. Her cremation was performed by Edmonton’s Connelly McKinley Funeral Home, which delivered the package to Canada Post on December 22 and mailed it with priority shipping.

His ashes were originally due to arrive in British Columbia in late December, but the date continued to be pushed back until Canada Post’s website just read: “Post delayed – stay tuned for updates”.

When contacted by CTV News last week, the state-owned company was unable to confirm the location of the package.

The family said they have been informed since the package zigzagged from Edmonton to Maple Ridge to Richmond and back to Edmonton. It was then shipped to Vancouver before disappearing.


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