The number of active coronavirus cases in each region of Kent


Coronavirus infection rates in Kent continue to rise nearly a week after entering yet another nationwide lockdown.
A new variant of the virus, considered to be more transmissible than the original strain, is believed to be partly behind the rise in rates.

New data from a COVID Symptom Study app has estimated that there are currently 25,822 active cases in Kent.

The estimated number of active infections has nearly doubled in recent weeks as the second wave of the virus begins to wreak havoc.

Not surprisingly, Medway, which has the highest population of any region in Kent, is said to have the highest number of active cases, at 3,960 (14,344 per million).

Gravesham, believed to have just under 3,000 active cases, has the highest number of active cases per million population in Kent.

The app suggests that Gravesham’s 27,752 in one million residents are currently carriers of the virus. This means that just under 3 in 100 people in the district have the virus.

Users of the app update it daily with how they feel, which helps them track COVID-19 infections in the UK and around the world.

Elsewhere in Kent, Thanet, Canterbury and Maidstone are all believed to have more than 2,000 current active cases.

At the other end of the scale, Dover is thought to have the fewest active cases, with the study suggesting 975 people currently have the virus in the district.

The full picture in Kent

From left to right, it reads: Local authority, the estimated number of active cases at 5 a.m. on January 10 (the estimated number of active cases per 1 million people)

Medway: 3,960 (14,344 per million)

Gravesham: 2,929 (27,752 per million)

Cantorbery: 2,667 (16,403 per 1 million)

Thanet: 2257 (16102 per 1 million)

Maidstone: 2208 (13,101 per million)

Medway has the highest number of active cases

Dartford: 1951 (17,913 per 1 million)

Ashford: 1875 (14643 per million)

Folkestone and Hythe: 1840 (16,576 for 1 million)

Tonbridge and Malling: 1353 (10453 per 1 million)

Swale: 1,419 (9,753 per million)

Sevenoaks: 1309 (11,000 per million)

Tunbridge Wells: 1079 (9257 for 1 million)

Dover: 975 (8,430 per million)

You can see all the details of the study here.


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