The governor of the Lebanese central bank on the country’s financial crisis: “My conscience is clear”


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                Le Liban reste dans une crise financière profonde, avec de nombreuses personnes qui luttent pour joindre les deux bouts.  Pendant ce temps, le pays n'a toujours pas de gouvernement, cinq mois après l'explosion dévastatrice de Beyrouth.  Riad Salameh, le gouverneur de la banque centrale du Liban, nie toute responsabilité dans la crise financière.  "Ma conscience est claire", a-t-il déclaré à Marc Perelman de FRANCE 24 dans une interview exclusive à Beyrouth, laissant entendre qu'il était devenu un bouc émissaire.

                                    <p>Dans un entretien exclusif avec FRANCE 24, le gouverneur de la Banque centrale du Liban, Riad Salameh, a exprimé son inquiétude face à la crise financière en cours dans son pays, avertissant que la situation pourrait «se détériorer» si un gouvernement n'était pas formé rapidement.

He announced that the Lebanese central bank is ready to provide all the information necessary for the “forensic audit” required by the international community.

Salameh denied being behind a “Ponzi scheme” as described by French President Emmanuel Macron, saying the central bank had instead supported a Lebanese economy on the brink of collapse. He admitted that some wealthy Lebanese were able to withdraw large sums of money and send them abroad, while his fellow citizens can only withdraw limited sums. Salameh said he proposed capital controls at the start of the crisis, but was refused.

The governor of the central bank also explained that the era of the fixed exchange rate system between the Lebanese pound and the US dollar is over, and there will now be a floating exchange rate determined by the market. He also denied having used “shell companies” to manage his real estate abroad.

Finally, Salameh claimed to be the victim of a “campaign” of personal attacks aimed at making him the scapegoat for the crisis and he said he currently had no plans to resign.



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