The government should not be complacent about vaccine deployment


But will this be enough? A spokesperson for No 10 sparked consternation yesterday by wondering if there was much clamor for vaccinations to take place after 8 p.m. Yet, once a sufficient supply of vaccine has been secured, there will certainly be a clamor because the shot is our only way out of the pandemic and evening or nighttime vaccinations may even be more convenient for those who do. have to work. It is also disconcerting that the government still does not seem willing to make full use of UK community pharmacies. It is also worth considering whether it really makes sense to carry out the annual influenza vaccination campaign in full, when the levels of this disease are very low this year. The objective of a “great British summer”, as the Secretary for Health said yesterday, is it ambitious enough given the cost of lockdowns?
The Prime Minister warned yesterday of vaccine complacency, the idea that once people get the vaccine they will be less enthusiastic about respecting the lockdown. It would be unfortunate if the charge of appeasement were instead brought against the government. It is true that the UK has made great strides, certainly compared to the chaotic approach of the EU. But we can certainly do much better than that.


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