The coronavirus vaccination platform will open next week | New


A patient in a nursing home in Athens receives the coronavirus vaccine on Monday. [Yiannis Liakos/InTime News]

The electronic platform is expected to open next week, helping citizens line up for the coronavirus vaccination in turn.
The platform, which opens Monday, is designed to serve as a registry for citizens who have not registered for paperless ordinances on the central website, a process that over time will become mandatory for all. people insured with a Greek. health fund.

If you are unable to register on either of the platforms – both of which are only available in Greek and require an AMKA social security number and Taxisnet codes – ask the help center for help. Citizen Services (KEP) or the nearest local pharmacy.

Greek health officials hope 220,000 frontline workers and residents of nursing homes will be vaccinated against the novel coronavirus by the end of the month and start giving injections to citizens over the age of 85 from January 20.

Greece’s coronavirus death toll surpassed 5,000 on Monday, with the death of 54 patients bringing the total to 5,011. New cases on Monday came to 427 out of 3,234 tests, while 407 patients remained in intensive care.


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