The Chinese Embassy in France denounces “anti-Chinese paranoia”


An EU-China investment deal will bring benefits to both sides, the Chinese embassy in Paris said, warning those seeking to derail the deal are being driven by “anti-China paranoia”.

As the European Parliament prepares to assess the terms agreed in principle between Chinese President Xi Jinping and European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen late last year, Chinese diplomats have issued a statement to counter the reviews.

Titled with a quote from a Chinese poem: “The river is wide when the waters rise, the boat moves when the wind blows,” the document sets out the benefits of closer collaboration and responds to claims that have arisen in the European media in recent weeks. The deal will help the global post-pandemic recovery and boost the cause of multilateralism, he said.

Some members of the European Parliament, who must ratify the agreement for it to enter into force, questioned the agreement on the grounds that it does not cover non-economic areas such as human rights and measures policies and security.

The “small number of politicians, think tanks and media in Europe” criticizing the deal in the name of a loss of values ​​by the EU, look at it “through the prism of ideologies and in an obsolete political mindset block, ”said the statement of Chinese diplomats.

They denied accusations that China used forced labor and questioned why some European politicians appeared to want to seek US permission before agreeing to terms with China. As the investment talks neared their final phase, Jake Sullivan, President-elect Joe Biden’s pick for the post of national security adviser, urged the EU to work with Washington to present a united front against China and his appeal found some support among members of the European Union. Parliament (MEPs).

Nevertheless, the European Commission dismissed criticism of the deal, observing that relations with China cover many areas, of which the investment deal is one.

“The investment agreement itself is not the appropriate instrument to deal with a complex country with which we therefore also have complex and multidimensional relationships,” he said. The statement also underscored the relevance of the deal for both sides, saying it was “two great forces, two great markets and two great world civilizations”, which “needed” the agreement and would benefit each other.

There has also been criticism from the EU after Hong Kong police arrested 53 pro-democracy officials and activists on suspicion of subversion on Wednesday.

Responding to a swift request from EU authorities to release those arrested, the Chinese mission to the EU responded that the arrests relate to internal affairs of China, in which the EU should not interfere. .


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