‘The Bachelor’ Week 2 Recap: Matt Confronts Evil Victoria


Here’s a guide to watching “The Bachelor,” or basically any form of reality TV: if someone says they’re “real” and “genuine,” they sure aren’t.

In week 2, we got to know more women from the 24-person cast who absolutely deserve to be encouraged, such as Sarah, Bri and Lauren. We also met one that is not.

Victoria practically begged viewers to make her the bad guy. There was no fight or drama that led to this. She just woke up and decided to make “The Bachelor” contestants and viewers dislike her, often through similar sound bites.

“I’m not jealous, I just want this,” she said of her desire to date Matt. She called the court jesters “gestures” and said that she and her enemy were like “oil and vinegar”. And she wasn’t talking about dressing.

What’s this other broke down during week 2.

The first face to face

Bri was the lucky girl. During the first cocktail party, the two connected to be biracial and raised by single mothers. He gave her the first flower during the ceremony, which many women raised, lamenting that they were not chosen.

Matt James is chopping wood.
I wasn’t joking about the wood.

Matt and Bri had a romantic time ATVing through the Pennsylvania forest. Of course, they fell in the mud.

True to the theme of this season of extreme excitement, Matt took off his dirty shirt and started chopping wood (not to put it mildly), before joining Bri in a hot tub.

Over dinner, Bri told Matt how her mother had gotten her when she was 13. Now that Bri is older, her mother is pregnant and has started a new family that she is struggling with.

Matt and Bri have both spent their lives wishing their father would introduce himself. The parallels were strange. Matt gave her a rose for his honesty.

The date of the group

Borrowing a date from the final season of “The Bachelorette,” 18 (18 !!) girls donned wedding dresses and veils for a photoshoot with their man. (Hi again, photographer Franco Lacosta.) But before all could finish, Chris Harrison stepped into the waltz to turn the date into a “Hunger Games” wedding-themed deathmatch, with the winning team taking the time with Matt. I’m surprised Jason Derulo didn’t come to sing “Savage Love”.

Women on "The single person" play a paint game to win a date.
Wild love, has anyone broken your heart?

The ladies ran through the woods combing their hair. The red team (plus Mari, the MVP of the gold team) was able to clean up for an after-party.

Like Matt, Lauren is also a Christian, which really piqued her interest. He and Jessenia shared a kiss. Victoria told her there were “a lot of sides” to her, without really revealing any of the sides. The rose went to Lauren.

The second one-on-one

Sarah and Matt have a one-on-one date.
Him, David.

This one went to Sarah (a 24-year-old reporter – or maybe Alexis Rose from the ‘Schitt’s Creek’ impersonator, as many have noted online). The future lovers flew over the station in a tiny biplane, before settling in for a relaxed and vulnerable conversation. They both love their families, great! But Matt knew she was holding back.

Over dinner, she revealed that her father has ALS. Sarah quit her job to be her full-time babysitter. “He wanted me to go out and find love, and I felt that call to be here,” she said of her decision to join the show. He gave her a rose. “Today’s date has replaced anything I could have imagined,” Matt said, saying how much he loves Sarah’s compassion and selflessness.

During the show, he shared this on Twitter. Would he really be a really good guy?

The cocktail

Matt and Marylynn.
Matt and Marylynn, before the bad things happened.

Not everyone had a date this week, so time was running out for the girls who needed to get a rose from Matt.

Abigail, who got the first impression of pink, made Matt laugh. Just like Kit and Magi. After Marylynn collapsed that she hadn’t been invited on a date this week, Matt gave her an orchid, her favorite flower.

(I’m sorry for what we’re about to enter, that’s completely wrong and has no lasting repercussions, but the show spent 25 minutes on it, so we need to talk about it.)

Victoria, who was Marylynn’s roommate but decided to sleep on the couch because Marylynn “cries a lot”, got jealous and decided to bite Matt, calling him “toxic” for no reason. Convinced that Victoria is the victim, Matt decided to set Marylynn aside to speak. She defended herself calmly, realizing that the situation was a “she said”.

When Marylynn politely confronted Victoria, Victoria offered a masterclass in manipulation and gas lighting. She wasn’t even sitting next to Marylynn on the couch during the drama.

The rose ceremony

Matt presented roses to Pieper, Kit, Magi, Rachael, Abigail, Chelsea, Jessenia, Katie and Serena C. In the middle of the ceremony, Sarah started to feel dizzy and began to see stars. Another woman must have helped him off the podium and into another room. Matt left to help console her. She screamed that she couldn’t see, then the episode stopped.


Looks like someone is coming next week. Sarah also looks better. Hope Chelsea gets some airtime because I’m following her on TikTok and she looks cool as hell.


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