Texans ask for an interview with Eric Bieniemy


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The Texans’ inability to request a head coach interview with Chiefs offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy right after the regular season ended would have hurt quarterback Deshaun Watson and the team are now trying to get into the other direction.

Ian Rapoport of NFL Media reports that they have requested an interview with Bieniemy for their opening.

Bieniemy will only be able to speak with the team next week at the earliest. Bieniemy was available to interview the Jets, Jaguars, Chargers, Falcons and Lions last week because the Chiefs were on a bye, but he won’t be able to speak with the Texans until the Chiefs are done playing.

The Chiefs are the AFC’s first seeds and no one will be surprised if they return to the Super Bowl, which would lead to a long wait for an interview.

All of this assumes that the request would be met with a positive response from Bieniemy given the team’s reluctance to request one before Watson’s displeasure becomes a topic of public discussion. They were in the process of hiring general manager Nick Caserio and that likely changed the focus of their coaching search, but they spoke to Panthers offensive coordinator Joe Brady without having Caserio in place.


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