Tesla vehicles shipped with missing bolts and gaps between panels


Tesla has a reputation for innovation, but quality, well – not so much. We’ve seen glass roofs fly off the Y-models, Home Depot trim used to support the cooling system, and plenty of issues with the software that controls the vehicle.
Perhaps that’s why it’s no surprise that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has cataloged numerous service bulletins for a multitude of Tesla vehicles, with issues ranging from bad panel gaps, sheet metal to rusty factory and even crucial missing bolts for the suspension.

These are issues that also cannot be fixed by a live update – TSB type faults require vehicles to actually be taken to a Tesla store or to a mechanic for repair.

One of the most serious problems discovered by Sector analyst Bozi Tatarevic digs through bulletins is a missing nyloc nut from the upper control arm of the Model Y. The nut and bolt are used to hold the ball joint in place; it seems that in some cases it was not doing it quite correctly.

With this nut missing, the bolt it attaches to could fall off, meaning most of the front suspension could come loose, and even break away, while driving. The problem is widespread enough on the Model Y to warrant an NHTSA service bulletin.

We’ve seen Tesla issues in the past from many private customers, but the fact that this newsletter is from NHTSA means it’s more serious than a random internet complaint. We hope Tesla will take these bulletins seriously and make the necessary changes to its quality control.


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