Tesla Loses Senior Manufacturing Engineer to New Startup of Co-Founder JB Straubel


Tesla is losing one of its top manufacturing engineers to Redwood Materials, a new startup founded by longtime Tesla co-founder and CTO JB Straubel.

Head of the Model S / X production line at Tesla

Andy Hamilton, a 10-year Tesla veteran and longtime manufacturing engineer, announced that he has left the automaker:

“After 10 incredible years at Tesla, I am now moving on to my next adventure. I moved to Nevada to join the Redwood Materials team and take on another major challenge in transforming the world of electric vehicles. We will focus on closing the loop in the supply chain for the most important materials used in battery manufacturing. I am delighted to be part of another company with such a powerful mission and opportunity to change the world. We will grow quickly and build a team of exceptional talent along the way. I can’t wait to live another 10 years of dedication and hard work to make the startup a game-changing industry leader. ”

Most recently, Hamilton was “Director of Model S / X General Assembly, Powertrain and Production Control” at the Fremont plant.

Redwood and Tesla materials

Redwood Materials is a Nevada-based company developing new materials recycling processes with a focus on electric car batteries.

It was founded by JB Straubel, an early founding member of Tesla and longtime chief technology officer of the company, until he left in 2019 to focus on the startup.

At first it was rumored that Tesla was involved in the business due to Straubel’s involvement, but it turned out that there was no direct relationship with Tesla.

However, Straubel’s startup has recruited heavily from Tesla.

Tesla’s former technical director brought in Andrew Stevenson, who worked under his leadership at the automaker, as Redwood’s CFO.

Last year, Redwood also hired Kevin Kassekert, longtime Tesla head of infrastructure and most recently head of human resources, as the new COO.

More recently, Redwood also hired Christ Ford, the former senior director of operations and maintenance of Tesla’s global services for energy products.

The startup has also poached several Tesla and HR recruiters.

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