T-BAR says Sammy Guevara stole his finisher, Guevara hits back


T-BAR and Sammy Guevara are the latest feud online, and it’s all over. Member RETRIBUTION posted on Twitter calling Guevara “a little teenage virgin on AEW” and claiming that Guevara “stole my finisher like four years ago after we did a show together. I would steal something from her move set but it’s fair [Ricochet] moves. ”
Guevara replied to the tweet by writing:

“Someone tells T-Bag that the move actually belongs to Matt Demorest (the guy he stole it from) and I’m just trying to show him since you know he’s never there.” television. Also, while you’re sitting idle in the restaurant on Monday, check out the latest vlog. ”

Dax Harwood then got involved, as you can see below:


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