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Nicola Sturgeon has said the Scottish government will consider further tightening travel rules to limit all movement to the essentials. The review follows news Celtic FC players may need to isolate after a squad member tested positive after a training trip to Dubai earlier this month. Changes Ms. Sturgeon will consider include removing travel exemptions for elite sport.

Speaking in her daily coronavirus update on Monday, Ms Sturgeon said: ‘I know what I’m about to say won’t be popular with everyone – nothing I can say about the football will never be popular with everyone.
“As I said before, I have my doubts as to how the club themselves described him as to whether Celtic’s trip to Dubai was really essential.

“And I have doubts based on some of the images I have seen whether the compliance with the bubble rules was strict enough.

“Celtic now have a positive case and 15 other players and coaches need to go into isolation. ”

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She continued: “As in other situations like this, it’s up to the football authorities to decide whether further action is needed and it’s up to them to think carefully.

“But this whole episode should underline the gravity of the situation we find ourselves in right now and how everyone, including football, should be careful.

“I know that fans of other clubs are very convinced that football as a whole shouldn’t pay the price of any club, and I agree with that.

“However, the situation forces us to review the rules relating to travel exemptions and that is what we are going to do. ”

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Ms Sturgeon also warned that the ‘overarching message’ was that Scotland was now in ‘the most dangerous and serious position since the start of the pandemic’.

The Prime Minister urged residents to stay at home, saying: “At the moment we are in a really dangerous situation.

“I hope we will see the number of cases stabilize in the days to come, but it will only be possible and, if we do, will only be sustainable if we all stay at home.”

She said there were now more people in the hospital than at any time since the start of the pandemic.

“It puts a strain on our health service,” the Prime Minister said.

“Our current case numbers mean that this pressure will continue in the weeks to come.


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