Stores in France launch repair plans


#Darty’s repair assistance plan covers items such as refrigerators, washing machines and ovens for up to 15 years after purchase, while SEB allows items to remain serviceable for up to 10 years and has a fixed price repair service with a network of over 6,000 repairers. .
The “##Darty #Max” service is presented as allowing you to repair all devices, whether purchased from the company or not, for a subscription of € 9.99 per month.

#He says service is free for parts and repairs, and a technician will be out in 24 hours. #If the device cannot be repaired, you will get a voucher for a new one.

#However, it’s worth checking the fine print. #For items purchased from the company, it works as long as parts are available, which can last from seven to 15 years. #Others are eligible for seven years, and only if the brand and type of product is of the type that #Darty sells or has sold. #In this case, you pay 59 € for the first repair and there are no coupons. #Offer cannot be canceled for 12 months, with a few exceptions, such as moving abroad.

SEB repairs are € 18.99 to € 49.99 per repair, depending on the nature of the device, if you take it to a repairer. #It offers higher prices for a transport service included via a drop-off point.

#Good to know

#From #January 1, 2021, stores are required to display a “repairability index” for certain electrical devices, including laptops, cell phones, televisions, washing machines and lawn mowers. The aim is to give consumers an idea of ​​the availability of spare parts, the prices and the ease of disassembly of the object.

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