Steve Bannon’s podcast removed from YouTube hours after Giuliani interview


Donald Trump’s personal lawyer was a guest on Mr. Bannon’s War Room podcast and said that Mr. Trump’s opponents have caused chaos by “censoring and suppressing” his supporters.

Five people, including a U.S. Capitol Police officer, have died in violence instigated by the outgoing president as he tried to reverse his electoral defeat to Joe Biden.
Now, Mr Bannon’s podcast has been taken down by YouTube for violating their terms of service, reports the Washington Examiner.
“Most of them didn’t come there with the tools to do it and were also led by people from, you know, groups who are experts at it,” Giuliani falsely claimed.
“Believe me, the people of Trump did not climb the wall. So there is nothing in there that prompted anything.
“And there is also an equal, if not more, responsibility on the fascists who now run the Democratic Party, who have imposed censorship on these people, who accuse them of unfair treatment since the IRS started lashing out.” to conservative groups.
“The media can deny it, but these people know it. They know their freedom of religion is being taken away from them. They know that their freedom of expression is practically decimated.
This is the latest social media ban imposed on a right-wing personality one day that also saw Donald Trump suspended permanently from Twitter.
Mr Giuliani also spoke at the rally before the MAGA crowd descended on the Capitol, and later tweeted that they were on the “good side of history.”


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