Star Wars Liam Neeson’s addresses return on Obi-Wan


Chances of Qui-Gon Jinn’s special appearance in Disney + Obi Wan Kenobi the series are now significantly higher.

In Star wars prequels lore, Qui-Gon was Obi-Wan’s mentor and traveled with him in The phantom menace to find young Anakin Skywalker on Tatooine (before finally being killed by Darth Maul on Naboo).

Disney has now announced that Ewan McGregor will reunite with another prequel co-star, Hayden Christensen, for this new Disney + series where Obi-Wan and Darth Vader will have “a rematch.”

This news has apparently passed Liam Neeson completely, as he admitted Collider that he hadn’t heard anything about the show.

While it’s safe to say Neeson has yet to be contacted over flashback scenes, he was open to reuniting with Ewan McGregor more than 20 years later. The phantom menace.

“Of course I would be up for that,” he told the website with a big smile.

Neeson has been a strong advocate for Star wars prequels, recently insisting that he is “very proud” of his work with George Lucas on The Divisive Movie.

“I became a Jedi, got to play with these wonderful lightsabers and stuff, and it was awesome, Andy, it really was,” he recently told Andy Cohen. ” [Jar Jar Binks actor] Ahmed Best is truly one of the funniest guys… and then wham bam, the movie comes out and he’s attacked, personally attacked, by fans and critics for all reasons.

20th Century Fox

“But I liked the film! I’m proud of it. “

the Obi Wan Kenobi The television series will be broadcast on Disney + as one of the 10 new Star warsseries to come in the next five years.

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