Spoilers Days of Our Lives from January 11, 2021 to January 22, 2021


We have the last Days of our lives spoilers two weeks in advance of Monday January 11 through Friday January 22. Word spreads about Salem PD’s latest guest, as a puzzle is put together and the identity of a kidnapper is revealed!
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Days of our lives spoiler week of January 11:

Days Soap Box: Get ready for Gwen and Charlie’s secrets to explode and think about Ben moving on.

In the Days of our Lives weekly spoiler video, Charlie is brought in by the police and Chloe realizes her future with Brady.

Days of our lives spoilers for Monday, January 11:

In monday Days Recap, Brady offers to help Philip if he stays away from Chloe, Allie learns that Charlie could be her rapist, and Ava has another terrifying sight.

Ironically, despite everything Ava has done to her in the past, Kayla is the one who ends up soothing Charlie’s mother when she gets angry. At the same time, Rafe accuses Charlie of attacking Allie in London, and finally, Allie comes face to face with her rapist.

How is Brady going to react when Chloe explains everything Philip has done to Titan… including the fact that he laundered money?

Days of our lives spoilers for Tuesday, January 12:

In Tuesday Days recap, Ava tells that Nicole Charlie confessed to her, Claire defends her boyfriend to her family and Allie confronts Charlie.

Is the nightmare finally over? Looks like it might be the case when Steve breaks some good news to Tripp: Charlie is behind bars! Meanwhile, Ava remembers a conversation that should certainly help prove the case against her son even as Claire begs her dream guy to tell him the charges against him are false.

Belle and Shawn come home from their honeymoon. Wait for them to find out everything that happened during their brief absence!

Hallmark exclusive: Old piece of soap jumps into action to catch a killer in the next one Mystery of Martha’s Vineyard. Get the details and watch a clip from this weekend’s premiere!

Days of our lives spoilers for Wednesday, January 13:

Eli holds Lani in bed as she cries on Days of Our Lives

In wednesday Days Recap, Gwen confesses to Abigail that she slept with Chad, Justin thinks Bonnie saw the kidnapper, and Eli and Lani try to find suspects.

Kate knows as well as anyone that secrets have a way out. This is why she presses Chad to be candid with Abigail before Gwen has a chance to spill the beans. Having said that, who knows if Chad will actually follow Kate’s really good advice.

Gwen has been successfully manipulating everyone for months, but that could end when Abigail, Jack, and Jennifer compare their notes. Will they finally figure out what is really going on… and then give us clues?

Even as Eli and Lani’s babies go missing, Bonnie mentions to Justin that she crossed paths with a woman with twins the day before when Victoria Platt returned to Days like Dr. Raynor.

Days of our lives spoilers for Thursday, January 14:

When Lani and Valérie see a sketch of the kidnapper, they realize that they recognize the person. But will this ultimately turn out to be a positive or a negative development?

Chad does everything in his power to reason with Abigail, but she doesn’t necessarily want to hear what he has to say. This is especially true after Gwen manages to convince Abigail that yes, she really slept with Chad. And during a conversation with Kate, Gwen drops a few cryptic remarks that may (or may not) shed light on her motives.

Days of our lives spoilers for Friday January 15th:

Chloe asks Brady a question we’ve all been asking ourselves lately: Do he and Kristen really, really have what it takes to stay together for the long haul? Or is it another case of Brady not only looking for love, but in the wrong place as well?

Rafe confronts Charlie to accuse him of poisoning Ava. Then, even as Tripp has a showdown with her half-brother, Claire admits to Belle that she really, really cared about Charlie.

Hot Days Topics: The end is near for Charlie and Gwen, Ben is about to move on, and Chloe could be the cure for what plagues any story.

Days of our lives spoiler week of January 18:

Days of our lives spoilers for Monday, January 18:

Of course, Sarah and Xander wanted to get the goods out of Philip. But the last thing she wanted was for their actions to hurt someone, which is exactly what she fears could have happened. If Philip ends up being hurt, will she be able to forgive herself… let alone her beau?

Things are about to heat up when Ava’s sons are the mother of all showdowns. Meanwhile, Nicole finds a way for Allie to strengthen the case against Charlie. But is Allie ready to do it?

When Philip finds himself in need of shelter, Chloe is there for him.

Days of our lives spoilers for Tuesday, January 19:

Gwen’s manipulations continue to wreak havoc on those who live in the DiMera Mansion. Today, it is Chad’s turn to take a hit. What will be the fallout this time around? And does that have something to do with the difficult decision made by his wife?

Jake is the kind of guy who thinks he can handle it all. But that can be put to the test when he receives an unexpected visitor… that’s right, Gabi – and car door Camila Banus – are back in Salem!

As the investigation into the kidnapping of Eli and Lani’s children continues, Alex finds himself questioned by Jules and Carver’s father.

Days of our lives spoilers for Wednesday, January 20:

Days of our lives will not be seen today, due to the 2021 presidential inauguration.

Days of our lives spoilers for Thursday, January 21:

During our exclusive 2021 preview chat with screenwriter Ron Carlivati, he warned that there are several huge twists ahead when it comes to Gwen … including the reveal of her ultimate agenda. And of course, today the minx is going to drop a huge bomb. Meanwhile, Chad is hoping to have some answers about the nanny, and he knows exactly who to turn to: Rolf!

Anna – who has repeatedly turned out to be the smartest person in DiMera Mansion since her last comeback – has a word of warning for Jack. Considering her background, we strongly suggest that she listen to whatever she has to say!

Jake will have absolutely no doubts about Gabi’s intentions by the end of today’s episode.

Days of our lives spoilers for Friday January 22:

Get ready, because at last we’re going to hear the truth, the whole truth and… well, at least Gwen’s version of the truth. Because today, the woman who set out to destroy several lives tells her shocking story to Jack and Jennifer. But will the story she’s telling align with the information Chad – fresh out of his visit with Rolf – shares with Abigail?

Charlie hopes against all hope that he can convince Claire to stay by his side. But will she buy what he sells? And what will Ben say when Allie turns to him for advice?

How will Kate react when she finds Jake in a compromising position with Gabi?

Get all the latest Days of our lives exits and returns in one place!

On the anniversary of the last episode of a canceled soap opera, we’re launching a radical idea to bring it back – in addition to opening a photo album filled with rare photos and treasured memories.

– Richard Simms / Amy Mistretta


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