Spider-Man voice actor thanks fans for #SaveSpectacularSpiderMan campaign


Spectacular Spider-Man voice actor Josh Keaton, who voiced Peter Parker, thanked fans for their SaveSpectacularSpiderMan social media campaign.

Spectacular Spider-Man Voice actor Josh Keaton thanked fans for their SaveSpectacularSpiderMan campaign on Twitter. Spectacular Spider-Man ran for two seasons from 2008 to 2009. The first season aired on The CW while the second season moved to Disney XD, where it finished its run. Spider-Man has had a long history on television that dates back to the 1960s, but none of the shows captured the hearts of fans like Spectacular Spider-Man.

The series has been praised for its loyalty to the character of Peter Parker. Spectacular Spider-Man follows Peter while he is in high school, starting at the start of his journey. The series, which was acclaimed by critics and fans alike, featured an array of iconic characters, but was canceled after Disney acquired Marvel. Still, the passion for the series remained strong and a campaign to save the series began on social media in early January.

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The campaign, which dominated Twitter trends, was recognized by the web-slinger himself. Keaton posted a video to thank the fans for all the love. The actor wore a Spider-Man mask and thanked fans in character. The video is short but sweet. Keaton shouted the campaign but gave no details on the potential progress of the much-discussed recovery.

Unfortunately, this revival does not appear to be happening. Former showrunner Greg Weisman has stated that a season 3 will never happen. The show’s second season ended on a massive cliffhanger, which may have sparked part of the feverish response. It’s clear this show resonated with fans. Discussions about a revival continued, a decade after the show ended. Disney has chosen to do a new Spider-Man show, however, giving fans Spider-Man ultime, a spectacle much less appreciated than its predecessor. Still, not all of the series save chatter seems to be happening.

Aside from the fact that Weisman has stated that Season 3 will not happen, it’s clear that Marvel and Disney have a future in mind for Spider-Man, which doesn’t involve relaunching the animated show. The web-slinger world has grown considerably since Spectacular Spider-Man first typing screens. Tom Holland has since taken over the live-action role and is arguably the most successful Spider-Man to date. While he will never replace Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man in the hearts of many fans, Holland’s is gearing up for a major arc in Spider-Man 3, a sequel to 2019 Spider-Man: Far From Home. With an even bigger role to play in the bigger MCU, Spider-Man is pretty busy these days, making a rebirth of Spectacular Spider-Man improbable.

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