Speaking ban pushes random app “Parlor” to top of App Store rankings


Online spaces in which one can freely talk about overthrowing the government in the name of Q and white supremacy are increasingly difficult to find. An old random application is now reaping the benefits.

Over the past few days, Google and Apple have removed the Talking app from their app stores until it implemented content moderation to prevent people from, you know, using it as a platform. form to plot and incite acts of treason. Amazon Web Services is even on the verge of denying the company access to its servers, starting Monday evening.

Now the second most downloaded free app in the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store is an app called Parlor. It’s Parlor with an “o”, not an “e”.

Coincidence? We don’t think so.

Confused Users Searching For Speak Push 'Parlor' App To Top App Store Charts

Parlor is a “social chat app” where people can get along and chat with strangers about different topics. It’s been around for 10 years according to the app listing, and data from Sensor Tower says there were 40,000 downloads as of December 2020. Its reviews aren’t great to say the least, and it looks, well , pretty porn-y.

There is no reason why this app should have such a bump right now, during the first week of January 2021. But of course, we’ve probably confused people downloading it because they think it is. ‘is Speak with an e. So, uh… happy living room!


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