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It is believed that the sonic boom was caused by an aircraft flying overhead. University of Cambridge doctoral student Guy Aglionby reported that the sound boom in Cambridge came from a Euro fighter jet with a speed of at least 995 knots. Meanwhile, residents of London, Essex and Cambridge shared their shock to hear the ‘explosion’ sound like a sound as houses shook.

Graham tweeted: “I live in Cambridge. Sensational. My house just rocked with a booming sound from a fighter plane. Did anyone else hear it?
A resident, 31, of Billericay, Essex heard the noise and said: “The house shook and my ears still hurt now. It was as if an explosion had occurred. ”

She added, “I knew it had to be a sonic boom because I looked out the window and saw lots of birds flying for miles. ”

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Another Essex local, 46, said: ‘It made me jump. At first I thought it was a big bird flying head first into the front window.

“It made the house shake, I’ve never heard of a sound boom before, but it was really loud. ”

A sound boom occurs when an object moves faster than the speed of sound and crosses the sound barrier.

They are often caused by airplanes. The jets move the air in front of them, causing a cone of pressurized air molecules. The bigger the jet, the more air is moved.

When the pressure is released quickly, a booming sound is heard.

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