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Alfredo Morelos blew the Rangers 22 points clear with a deadly brace against Aberdeen.
But the Colombian was in the sights for some Hotline callers after his first-half crash earned Gers a penalty – and saw Ryan Hedges receive a red card.

Dons boss Derek McInnes didn’t seem to have a problem with the price of the kick, although he thought the expulsion was tough.

However, just a week after Celtic’s Nir Biton received a red card for taking down Morelos, hitman Ibrox was again split between the blue and green sides of Glasgow.

Gérard Kelly e-mail: “It seems to me that every time Morelos touches him, he dives as if he had been shot!” It’s two games he’s had players kicked out – do you think teams will want to recruit a diver who throws his dummy out of his pram if that doesn’t go his way? Still hasn’t scored against Celtic!

Robert McEwan, Mount Vernon, blasted: “How does El Bufalo constantly get away with dirty tricks?” However, if a body approaches it, it is a fault or a penalty. It is embarrassing for our officials. We need VAR – very competent referees.

More Mark Smith, Cumbernauld, retorted: “Celtic fans are desperate to turn the weaknesses on their side by throwing everything on the referees and trying to get into the heads of the referees. Hedges made contact with Morelos in the box – it’s a penalty. Just because a strong Celtic side can’t score against Scotland’s best defense doesn’t mean their fans have to put pressure on the officials.

Jimmy Fyfe, Falkirk, had a message for Hotline regular Lance Little who claimed yesterday that all teams might as well start with 10 men against Rangers. Jimmy said, “Lance has to settle down. If a player commits a foul and gets a deserved red card, what is his problem? He visibly watched the game through Celtic’s eyes, just like Neil Lennon did last week when he said Ajer had Morelos covered and he was not far away. Learn the rules of Lance. ”

The 2-1 victory at Pittodrie brings the Rangers one step closer to the title.

And Robert Livingstone, Palm Beach, said: “The Rangers look very likely to win the league at a gallop, but the question is… can they go undefeated all the way and be on their way to a record number of points? It’s something that would have been unthinkable even by die-hard fans in August.

Robert Hoey, Glasgow, said: “Another huge result for the Rangers. Great to see Morelos come back to his best and Kent looking more dangerous. Always get the job done and it’s without three of our best – Jack, Arfield and Roofe. It should also help the defending champions clinch the title of “best of the rest”. ”

But not everyone is happy. Stuart Simpson emailed: “As happy as I was with the three points at Pittodria, why can’t the Rangers focus for 90 minutes? A game that should have been out of sight against 10 men was a bit difficult at the end.

Meanwhile, Celtic’s season has taken another turn for the worse after it emerged that a Hoops star tested positive for Covid after the club’s controversial winter break in Dubai.

Eddie Easson, Ballingry, said: “There is something really wrong. It might take Dermot Desmond to come out of the shadows and sort everything out. Lawwell, the director and the board make many bad and costly decisions. ”

John Dillon, North Berwick , said: “Why is there such fuss that Celtic are not socially distancing themselves in Dubai? The only time they’ve done it this year is on set pieces and turns. ”

Finally, Jimmy Murray, Edinburgh, took aim at Hoops boss Neil Lennon: “The luckiest man on the planet must be Kieran Tierney. If he hadn’t left Celtic when he did, Lennon and his brand of training and men’s management would have let him run too.

“Look at Lennon’s team now. If he is not sent off soon, Celtic will be finished as a club. ”


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