Six superhero movies to stream


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A little over a decade before director Sam Raimi was entrusted with the 2002 blockbuster “Spider-Man”, he made his own twisted, R-rated version of a Marvel Comics movie, about a mad scientist driven by the tragedy in becoming a vigilante, disguised as an artificial skin that dissolves in the sun. Anchored by a pungent performance by Liam Neeson (early starting the ‘capable hero, bloodthirsty’ screen character he has mastered in recent years), ‘Darkman’ combines elements from old Universal monster movies, 1970s superhero comics and slapstick comedy. Although it is rated R and not suitable for young viewers, the film is a true original.

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In some of the most haunting superhero stories, the powerful live among us in the ordinary world, devoid of costumes or code names. One of the best known is M. Night Shyamalan’s “Unbreakable”. Cinephiles who love this movie should certainly catch up with equally low-level writer-director Julia Hart’s “Fast Color” about a family of women who hide their extraordinary abilities from a government agency that wants to exploit them. Hart and his co-writer / producer Jordan Horowitz add their own twist to this classic genre premise by focusing on human relationships and little moments of wonder.

[Read The New York Times review.]


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