Sign pops up in seaside town telling foreigners “If you don’t live here, fuck yourself” after beauty spot turns into celebrity hotspot


A RUDE sign appeared in a seaside town telling strangers “if you don’t live here f ** k off” after the beauty spot became a celebrity hotspot.

The sign appeared on a lamppost on the edge of Southwold, Suffolk, as more than half of the properties are owned as second homes, including celebrities.


Southwold residents told second owners to stay awayCredit: Getty – Contributor
This rude sign was erected by locals worried about the influx of people who do not live in the city all year round
The city is known to be the favorite of celebrities like Dame Judi Dench
The city is known to be the favorite of celebrities like Dame Judi DenchCrédits: Getty Images – Getty

The city is the favorite haunt of celebrities such as Wiggy, Dame Judi Dench, David Tennant and Michael Palin.

However, none of the A-listers have been spotted in the resort town since the start of the pandemic.

Officials have warned against moving people to Southwold during the lockdown, but residents have taken the matter into their own hands by putting up the rude sign.

Local leaders called the sign “ill-advised” because it has since been removed.

City Councilor David Beavan told MailOnline: “This is misguided. I understand people are scared and frustrated, but we need to be a little more polite about this.

“It smacks of xenophobia and that’s not what we are. We just want to stay safe. ”

He also said police responded quickly to reports of people breaking Covid regulations in the city.

Mr Beavan added that the “small minority” of people who break the rules “must be eradicated”.


At the start of the pandemic last year, the people of Southwold hung a banner across the street warning visitors: ‘Please respect us – do not infect us’.

More than half of the seaside town’s dwellings are second homes, and residents complained about an influx of visitors when new Covid-19 restrictions took effect.

Over the summer, an argument broke out between the second owners and the residents.

Second owner David Shea claimed Southold would become a ghost town without him.

A furious feud erupted last summer as hundreds of wealthy second homers descended in an attempt to avoid lockdown.

Second owner David Shea claimed that without him and others buying vacation properties, Southwold would become an abandoned ghost town – and lose its pier, restaurants, pubs and industry.

He said: “The brewery is unlikely to still be located in the city – none of the characteristics of a Victorian seaside town that we love would exist. ”

However, Cllr Beavan disagrees with the argument.

He saddened: “His argument is wrong in many ways. Our population doubles in the summer and our local health center wouldn’t be able to cope with an outbreak – and the nearest hospital is an hour away. ”

Twiggy is also said to be a fan of Southwold
Twiggy is also said to be a fan of SouthwoldCredit: Getty – Contributor
Doctor Who star David Tennant would also like to visit Southwold
Doctor Who star David Tennant would also like to visit SouthwoldCrédits: Getty Images – Getty


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