Sex discrimination complaint against Steven Cohen puts it in a different light


In the complaint, Sara Vavra, who ran a business group at Point72, said Mr. Cohen stopped by his office in July 2019 and began “an abusive and cursed tirade” in which he said his work was “bad” and that she was “stupid.” She said in the complaint that beyond a few generic swear words, Mr. Cohen also used a derogatory word to refer to a woman’s genitals.

Ms Vavra’s complaint was filed last summer with the Connecticut Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities. In it, she said that later on the same day as her verbal assault, Mr Cohen summoned her to another person’s office in the firm, where he continued to downplay her abilities. This time he did it in front of the others and used foul language again. She said Mr. Cohen threatened to fire her.

“Cohen ridiculed me, calling me a fool and incompetent,” she said in the complaint. “He told me I was ‘wrong about everything.’” She said he added, “I should fire you because you are so stupid.”

Ultimately, Point72 fired her in October 2019, prompting her to file her discrimination complaint with the Connecticut commission. Just a month before his dismissal, Point72 tweeted his congratulations for being named one of the “50 Women Leaders in Hedge Funds” by an industry publication.

“We have determined that Ms. Vavra had made numerous false statements during her employment about things large and small and the same applied to her complaint, including the particularly offensive accusation that Steve used vulgar language in herself. addressing it, ”said Tiffany Galvin-Cohen, a point72 spokesperson. “Steve categorically denies making this comment to Ms. Vavra at any time.”


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