‘Selfish’ dad slammed by TikTok users after sharing Tesco ‘excessive’ lockdown purchase receipt


A father has been slammed by angry TikTok users after sharing a receipt for his “locked” shopping spree.
The man, named Jay, posted a short clip online after a trip to his local Tesco supermarket after being tasked with getting “essentials” by his wife, Birmingham Live reports.

The long, detailed list, which has since been viewed more than 2.3 million times, has elicited mixed responses, with many believing he was not thinking of others during the UK’s third Covid-19 lockdown.

Sharing the video, Jay wrote: “Most men in the UK will understand. When the woman says she needs a “closed” store.

A short clip of the long receipt was shared on TikTok

One reviewer replied, “Lucky for those who can afford the overspending… It’s good of them to be considerate and clear the shelves for those who can’t.” ”

“It will be all the little retirees who will happen now that the panic buying has started,” added a second.

“Selfish,” a third nodded, but Jay retaliated by saying, “Show me the panic purchase?”

“It’s a family store that lasts 4/5 days… we’re a big family stuck in the house… need lots of snacks. ”

The image showed that Jay and his wife had made a big shop at their local store in Newcastle.

Tesco remains open throughout the lockdown with stores selling essential items.


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