Samosa launched into space makes a hard landing in France


Of all the new things humanity sent into space, a samosa made its debut. But unfortunately it didn’t last too long and came back to earth. Weird story, but one that actually happened.
A UK-based Indian restaurant successfully launched the said samosa into space, which then crashed in France. According to reports, Chai Walla, one of Bath’s popular and top-rated restaurants, had completed the space mission in three tries.

According to the news website UPI, Niraj Gadher, the owner of the restaurant, said he wanted to spread the joy and came up with the idea of ​​sending a samosa into space. “I jokingly said once I would send a samosa into space and then I thought during those dark times we could all use a reason to laugh,” he said.

Gadher had used helium balloons for samosa space travel. And it took three tries to get it right. While the first time the balloons slipped out of his hands, the second time they “didn’t have enough helium.” On the third attempt, they were right.

Gadher and his friends also used a GoPro camera and GPS tracker to track the snack’s journey. Shortly after launch, however, they noticed the GPS was malfunctioning. While they concluded that the project was a failure, the GPS was reactivated the next day and revealed that the balloon had crashed in a field in Caix, Picardy, France!

the UPI The report further mentions that the samosa and its packaging were missing from the crash site, leading Gadher to believe that it may have been consumed by French wildlife.

“The comeback is it made people laugh and that’s what we really wanted, to spread the joy,” Gadher said. Somerset and direct.

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