Russo Brothers Tom Holland Cherry Trailer


The upcoming Russo Brothers film, based on Nico Walker’s 2018 novel, follows a troubled Cleveland young man, played by Tom Holland, from his arrival in the military to descending into an opioid addiction to mask his PTSD.

The Russo brothers explained that Cherry is really a passion project for the duo. Growing up in Ohio, the Russos have been greatly affected by the ongoing opioid crisis and wanted to tell a story to help fight problematic addiction.

The brothers felt a deep connection to the story and Joe Russo dissects what led to the collaboration with Walker: “We’re from Cleveland and Nico from Cleveland. Interestingly enough, we know a lot of people involved in the book. I think these are fictitious names and personalities. But I worked in the same restaurant as Nico, 10 years apart. So he had an education very similar to us. He just had a very different trip than we did.

The film illustrates the six stages of Cherry’s life as it unfolds from student to lover, soldier, junkie and finally thief. “The film is divided into six chapters that reflect these different time periods, and each has a different tone. It is shot with different lenses, different production models. One has magical realism. Another chapter is absurdism. Another is horror… There is a bit of gonzo in it. It’s raw in its tone. He’s a character in existential crisis, ”explains Joe.

Cherry marks the first partnership between Russo Brothers and Tom Holland away from the MCU, allowing them to venture into projects reflecting real-life societal issues through the film arts.

Cherry hits theaters on February 26 and will be available worldwide on Apple TV + on March 12. Those interested can watch the trailer above.

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