“Rude” contestant Beat The Chasers takes a clumsy shot at quizzes after “beating” them


Viewers of ITV’s Beat The Chasers were both annoyed and cranky in the show’s last episode – while some saw the funny side.
Another group of competitors took on the Chasers for the chance to win big bucks.

The first was Muhammad, 20, who revealed he was a quiz.

While Mark Labbett and the others appeared to be repulsed by him, the arrogant appellant, Muhammad confessed that he hoped to raise funds for charity.

But just as viewers warmed up, they quickly sided with the pursuers when Muhammad started taking beating on the hunters.

Beat The Chasers viewers called the contestant “rude” for the way he spoke to hunters

Although this initially seemed like a competitive ‘joke’, it quickly became very awkward, with many calling the player a ‘rude’.

Although he is preparing to take the quizzes, he has decided to go for the lowest offer of £ 1,000.

This meant he would only face Paul Sinha and Anne Hegerty with them having the least amount of time on their clock.

Paul swept back

Mark called him a chicken, with Muhammad retaliating by suggesting that he didn’t need to beat Mark because he had seen enough on other shows.

He also claimed he only took that option to curl up Anne and Paul and wipe the smirks off their faces.

Since they looked far from happy with the player, with their faces saying everything, viewers were also a bit divided on whether he was entertaining or not.

Anne did not look happy

He then beat the pair, but the chasers claimed it was hardly a win given he took the smaller amount and the lowest challenge.

Muhammad then called Paul a “sore loser”, not to mention the awkward gesture of him “wiping the smile from their faces”.

Paul and Anne couldn’t help but glance unhappily as he bragged about his victory before greeting them and leaving the studio.

The competitor beat the hunters

The viewers watching at the house were team hunters, especially after Mark tweeted, “Biggest Chicken Ever 🙂 BeatTheChasers and a complete jerk.” ”

One fan wrote: “What a rude ignoring a ** e!” Took the lower offer, hardly a feat !!!! ”

Another agreed, “I can’t believe how rude he was to you guys. It’s not necessary. The level of disrespect for 5 absolutely amazing and talented quizzes. That he took the lower offer says a lot about him to be honest. @anne_hegerty His face said it all. BeatTheChasers.  »

Beat The Chasers airs all week at 9 p.m. on ITV.


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