Richard Branson reveals his mother died of Covid


LONDON – Virgin founder Richard Branson revealed that his mother, Eve, had died from the coronavirus, in a tribute blog post on Monday.
Branson said Eve, who was 96 when she died, “held one final victory, successfully battling the virus, but spent all of her energy in the process. ”

However, Branson said that instead of mourning her loss, he wanted to “celebrate her wonderful life, her great spirit, the joy she has brought to so many people and the love she has given us all.”

In devotion to his mother, Branson said he owed his career to her. He explained that Eve found a necklace in the 1960s and that after the police left the jewelry to her because no one had claimed it, they sold it and gave her the funds.

“Without that £ 100 ($ 135), I would never have been able to create Virgin,” said Branson, who founded the multibillion-dollar conglomerate in 1970.

Branson said Eve and her father Edward, who died in 2011, taught him and his two sisters “the importance of hard work, of not taking yourself too seriously, of treating people like you.” want to be treated, entrepreneurship and so much more. ”

The Virgin founder described his mother as a “force of nature” who had lived “many remarkable lives”, explaining how she took glider lessons in disguise as a boy. She also enlisted in the Women’s Royal Naval Service, known as the “Wrens”, during World War II.

After the war Eve toured Germany as a ballet dancer, performed on stage in London’s West End, and worked as a flight attendant on the “treacherous” routes of British South American Airways.

Branson said her mother was “inventive, fearless, relentless – an entrepreneur before words existed.”

Her mother was also the founder of the Eve Branson Foundation, a small non-profit organization aimed at improving the lives of women and girls in the Atlas Mountains, Morocco, by providing them with access to education and to health care.


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