RHOA’s Porsha Williams opens up about her feud with Marlo, why she had a baby with Dennis


Porsha Williams not in the right place for a long time Real Housewives of Atlanta co-star Marlo Hampton.

Before revealing why she allowed the ex-fiancé, Dennis McKinley, to get her pregnant with their one-year-old daughter, Pilar Jhena, Porsha appeared on the Bravo chat room, where she broached her quarrel with Kenya Moore before revealing that she also suffered a falling out with Marlo during Season 13.

“Porsha, what Atlanta housewife would you like to have been able to socially distance yourself from throughout the season?” host Andy Cohen asked during the Chat.

“It’s not at all difficult. Can we do a two for one? Porsha wondered. “I would say Kenya, and I would say half the season, Marlo.

According to Porsha, she “didn’t need to be around” fashionista Marlo for “half the season”.

As for Porsha’s comments on Dennis, she was seen explaining the start of their relationship during a conversation with her friends about their breakup.

“As far as PJ is concerned, what makes me sad is that I wish we could have worked and Dennis was home. But when I look at him I know Dennis is such a powerful father figure. Honestly, I feel like whatever I’m going to put on him to find out about the real shit here in the world, he will too, ”Porsha explained in a preview.

“I chose him. She was not a mistake, ”she continued. “I went to bed and knew what was going to happen. I knew. I was like, ‘Oh, he has his own place. He has his own business. Oh, he has no children. Oh, he said he wanted marriage. Oh, he wants to be with me. Oh he said I’m cute. Impregnate me! ”

Porsha and Dennis confirmed that they were both engaged and expecting in 2018, but separated a year later after it was reported that Dennis had cheated, which he denied. Then, after reconciling their relationship at the end of 2019, they broke up again in 2020.

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Photo credit: Charles Sykes / Bravo


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