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Residents express health concerns over bustling Herne Hill Market
Brixton Buzz has heard a growing number of complaints about the lack of social distancing at the weekly Herne Hill street market.

A resident wrote to us and said:

Residents express health concerns over bustling Herne Hill Market

This part of Railton Road is the main thoroughfare to and from Brockwell Park, Herne Hill parks buses and shops on Milkwood Road.
The market responds and attracts these customers.

People, both deliberately and unintentionally, are directed to the market. The stalls narrow the road considerably, causing groupings, slow lines and static groups. Social distancing cannot happen under these circumstances.

The one-way system is unmanned so people frequently jump on the tape. Bakeries and restaurants on either side have queues and groups stood outside on sidewalks to socialize and eat, which increased congestion.

How many stall vendors, market staff and station staff cross the districts and / or levels to get here…?

As independent traders, it is a cruel irony that they have to put themselves and others at risk to make a living during such times of testing.

The reckless government has put us in this position, but how can Lambeth continue to ‘turn a blind eye’ by facilitating this market and building a Covid testing center in the park when King’s College Hospital is a stone’s throw away.

Finally, the police arrived towards the end of the day.

On our Herne Hill forum, posters also expressed concerns:

W: 46,000 NHS staff sick with Covid, hospitals in emergency mode, skyrocketing positive cases, skyrocketing deaths,

Level 4 restrictions prohibiting people from meeting with other households, with some people facing fines for leaving their homes twice in a day.

So now is the perfect time to organize the current Herne Hill Market, where large groups of people can line up for essentials like chic cakes, beef jerky, and chic French cuisine with cheese a la rancid smell. Many of them are maskless.

Probably well, however, as local health cabinet member Jim Dickson knows that it is “essential to take the right precautions to avoid transmission.”

N: Every time I walk through Herne Hill there are plenty of people buying coffee and cakes or beer to go and hanging out in the streets with it.

What do you think?

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