Ray Fisher confirms he was removed from the Flash movie


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The battle between Justice League Star Ray Fisher and DC Films President Walter Hamada have hit another… Wchapeau, pic? Nadir? Hypnotic conflict bump? Take your pick tonight, as Fisher announces that he has been officially retired from a scheduled appearance as Victor “Cyborg” Stone in Andy Muschietti’s long gestation. Shine movie. It comes, not entirely as one might expect, after a statement from Fisher late last year in which he said he was going refuse to work on a film produced by Hamada, and Hamada is still firmly established at DC Films, so there you go.

In a long and passionate Twitter post, Fisher laid out his issues with Hamada in his clearest language yet, accusing him, during a phone call in June, of deliberately ignoring and trying to downplay the issues. that the actor had with former DC Films director Geoff Johns, whom Fisher accused, alongside producer Jon Berg and director Joss Whedon, of racist and abusive behavior during the filming of Justice League. This phone call – which also included, in Fisher’s description, a “tasteless joke” about Hamada in the hopes of not ending up on Fisher’s Twitter – appears to have been at the origin of Fisher’s later claims that Hamada had fortunately “threw [Whedon and Berg] under the bus’ in favor of Johns, who himself was strongly repelled by a statement from Warner Bros. in September.

Granted, most of the above is old news in this long and often extremely vague story. Here’s where things get a little juicier, however: Fisher goes on to accuse Hamada of deliberately covering up Johns’ behavior, including allegations of tampering with the long-standing third-party investigation into the filming of the film, which took place. completed last month, but of which we in the public were not informed. details of. In his statement, Fisher – who is supposed to a having regard to the findings of the investigation – claims that the investigation “Was able to expose the racist, coercive, discriminatory and retaliatory behavior of Geoff Johns during his tenure with WarnerMedia affiliates”, while asserting that this “Led to the more immediate separation of paths between WarnerMedia and Joss Whedon.” Again, we didn’t see any of the survey results – all we had at the time was WarnerMedia noting that “Corrective measures” had been taken – but the chronology Is map loosely to Whedon sudden departure in the HBO Max series Nevers back at the end of November 2020.

Fisher ends his statement by calling Hamada “unfit for leadership” and stating that he is willing to take a polygraph to back up his claims. WarnerMedia and DC Films have not responded so far – or even confirmed, for now, that Fisher is out of the movie, although they have would have worked on plans to write it off Flash for a while now.


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