Rabbin Yisroel Jacobs, 47 ans, OBM


Rabbi Yisroel Jacobs of London, England, died on Shabbat, 25 Teves, 5781. Full story

Rabbi Yisroel Jacobs from London, England, died on Shabbat, 25 Teves, 5781.
He was 47 years old.

Many people around the world have come together to say Tehillim for his recovery, but he tragically passed away on Shabbat.

He is survived by his wife Nechamale.

He is also survived by his parents, the rabbi and Mrs. Binyomin et Bluma Jacobs, the chief rabbi of Holland.

He is also survived by his siblings: brothers, Mendel (NW11, London, United Kingdom) Dovid Nissan (CH, NY) Yanki (Amsterdam, NL) and sisters, Ms. SR Ashkenazi (Montreal, Canada) Ms. Chana Feigel Stiefel (Almere, NL), Ms. DL Sudak (N16, London, United Kingdom) and Ms. O Zirkind (Montreal, Canada).

The Levaya will take place at 12:00 on Sunday at Schonfeld Square, Lordship Road, N16 0QQ, then after Lubavitch House on the way to Addas Yisroel Cemetery, Carterhatch Lane, Enfield, Middlesex, EN1 4BG.

Rabbi and Ms Binyomin and Bluma Jacobs, Ms Chana Feigel Stiefel and Yanki Jacobs will be seated at Shiva in Holland:
Due to Covid security measures, the Shiva will take place at the Adagio Hotel Amstelveen and the visit is possible by appointment.

Shiva in London:
Rabbi Mendel Jacobs and Mrs DL Sudak will be seated at 71 Egerton Road, London N16
Shachris 9h00
Mincha 13h30
Maariv 19:40

Baruch Dayan Ha’emes.


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