Prince William’s ‘objections’ to Meghan Markle prove he was right from the start


Prince Harry’s marriage to Meghan Markle had been opposed by Prince William, as the world already knows.

And now, a royal expert has claimed that the Duke of Cambridge’s prediction on Meghan appears to have come true.

Royal historian and author Robert Lacey claimed in his recent interview with She that William foresaw Meghan’s ambition and how difficult it would be for her to survive in the stifling environment of the royal bosom.

“You could certainly say that William had a lot of justice on his side. We don’t know the details of what he said to Harry, but whether he pointed out that this woman he loved Harry was a self-taught Hollywood celebrity, “she said.

“And a self-made millionaire who created her own celebrity, a self-sufficient woman like this who was ambitious and campaigned for her belief in women’s rights and her wish to promote social change,” he continued.

“These are radical initiatives, radical impulses; Do they fit into the rather secure and conservative British royal family? If these are the kinds of objections and questions William raised, well, events proved them right, didn’t they? he went on to say.

“She was a woman who could not fit into the royal family, so, therefore, she is no longer a royal,” he added.

Conversely, William had expressed his misgivings about Harry marrying Meghan with his uncle and Princess Diana’s brother Charles Spencer, which led to an endless feud between the two brothers.


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