Prince William says Diana Martin Bashir is not “a good person”, says lover Hasnat Khan


It is believed that Mr. Khan dated Princess Diana for two years before her death in August 1997.

Now, in a rare interview, Mr Khan has opened up about his relationship with the princess and claimed that Mr Bashir “tackled” her “vulnerability” in order to secure the BBC interview in which she said : “We were three at this wedding” in reference to the then lover of Prince Charles, Camilla Parker-Bowles.
« [Bashir] fills his head with trash, ”said Khan Daily mail.
“Of course I am not naive. I knew there was a part of Diana who wanted to give an interview but my question is if Martin Bashir hadn’t been there to persuade her, would she ever have?
The surgeon added that Princess Diana’s son Prince William was strongly against the interview.
« [William] hated it Panorama and told her she had made a mistake, which upset her, ”Mr Khan said.
“But he was very blunt and said ‘Mom, this is not a good person’,” he added, referring to Mr. Bashir.
Mr Khan also said he watched the interview on his own and told Princess Diana it was a ‘mistake’ afterwards.
In October, it was reported that Mr Bashir was ‘critically ill’ with complications from Covid-19.
Princess Diana’s interview with Mr. Bashir marked the very first solo TV interview for her. Aired on November 20, 1995, the interview was watched by 23 million people the night it was released. Such was the demand for the interview, the BBC grossed $ 1 million from the sale of the program to ABC, one of the major US networks.


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